The Best Mascara Guide

Today I am back with a new blog post about finding the best mascara, using an incredibly simple guide made up of ratings on websites such as Sephora and Birchbox as well as other review sites and articles on blogs by beauty editors. The mascaras that stood out the most were tested every day while normal activites were done and then got judged at how well it did in three areas which were ; lash lengnght, lash separation/definition as well as thickening lashes without clumping - which for me are three things I massively look for when deciding what mascara I would like to buy.

I'm a massive mascara fan, but I have honestly never found one that I have totally fallen in love with and I have tried so many, the images here are of my whittled down mascara collection.
So when I was contacted by the girls that created this mascara guide I was so keen to have a look, as it wasn't a website I was aware of, and I have had such a good read and found it so interesting.

They have a top mascara, which is the benefit they're real mascara, which I have tried and loved, but never repurchased due to the hefty price tag. They also have a best drugstore mascara, which is the Maybelline great lash mascara, which I own and LOVE for bottom lashes. They also have a best for sensitive eyes, thickening, volumizing and best false-like lashes as well as a best runners up category.

They also have a whole section focused on what you need to know about mascara and what makes a good mascara, which is definitely worth a read as I found out that after 6 months you should get a new tube of mascara as there wouldn't be much left and to be healthy and all that.

SO, head on over to the website which you can find here to read all about the best mascaras.