10 Life Goals

I am a very driven person. If I want something I will work really hard to get it, no matter what it takes. I want to be successful, work hard but play hard too. So, today I wanted to just write 10 of my life goals to look back on in the future and see if I can achieve anything, anything at all.

  1. Own my own house - I am desperate to be able to purchase my own house, I know it will take ages, and I will no doubt begin renting, but with my new incredible apprenticeship wage. I'm hoping that I will be able to move out sooner rather than later, at least that's the plan me and Charlie both have
  2. Enjoy My Life - I want to be spontaneous and adventurous in my spare time when I'm not working to get the most out of my life and do exciting things.
  3. Be Financially Stable - I want to be able to purchase what I want when I want too and not have to be concerned about money. If I continue the way I'm going now I know I will be fine as I am very financially sensible.
  4. Continue Being Close to Family - I want to be close to my family all my life, even when I move out and start working even more, family Is so important
  5. Travel - I want to visit lots of places, so travelling is 100% on the cards for the future, I want to visit some exciting places with Charlie and we've already started making a list.
  6. Socialise - I want to keep going out with my friends for lunch, drinks and dinners and keep enjoying spending time with my friends when I can
  7. Own an Audi - This is my total dream. I have been looking at buying an Audi a1 ever since I began learning to drive, one day I hope I will.
  8. Own a Pet - I cant wait to move out and get myself a little puppy, I love cockapoo's or anything little, cute and fluffy.
  9. Have a Family - Definitely not for the immediate future but I would love to be a mum and have my own little family when I am older and financially stable enough to have a family
  10. Have a successful career - I know the opportunity I have coming up shortly working for HMRC is an incredible opportunity and I'm hoping it leads to even better things in the future.