How Much Does My Face Cost?

I've seen this blog post a few times on some of my favourite bloggers sites and I thought I've love to try it out myself, mainly just out of curiosity. It's the how much does my face cost post, so I've gathered all the bits I use everyday on my face. I'm not a massive switcher of my make up, I like what I like and don't tend to change it up that often. I haven't included any tools like brushes and curlers in this as I don't think they are necessary, they help with application.

So starting off with a base, I use the bourjois healthy mix foundation and the rimmel match perfection foundation mixed together for a good coverage, these added together cost £17.98
For eyebrows I use the sleek brow stylist which is £6.49 and a brown shade from No7 Eyeshadow palette costing £12.95.
For my lashes I use two mascaras, the miss sporty studio lash which is £2.99. I also use the bourjois volume clubbing mascara which is £7.99.
For eye liner I use a Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Liner which is £5.29. I use a sleek highlighter palette in shade Cleopatra's kiss for my eyeshadow, because it has the most incredible colours that are shimmery and gold, this costs £9.99.
For the rest of my face I use the sleek face form contour kit which costs £9.99 and also the blush palette in shade lace which also costs £9.99.
For my favourite part, highlighter, I use the revolution highlighter in shade golden lights for £3.00 and also the Mac soft and gentle highlighter which costs £24.50.
Then lastly, lips. I use the NYX liquid suede in shade sandstorm which costs £7 and I often mix it with a bourjois velvet rouge edition in shade peach club for £8.99.

This has been so interesting for me to do and see what I'm spending and where, so in total my face costs £127.11, haha what a ridiculous amount of money thank goodness I don't have to spend this every day and instead just once every few months.